Video Conferencing and Live Streaming

Conference, exhibition or event?

No longer do you need to be in the same room to have an effective meeting, conference, exhibition or event. With video conferencing, you can connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Our video streaming solutions help bring in person events to a remote location creating a hybrid event.

We cover a range of events including conferences, awards ceremonies or diners.

Upgrading your meeting spaces or events with high quality, cutting edge technology. 

Don’t want your family and friends to miss events? We also cover weddings, birthdays and funerals. 

We can stream through multiple platforms such as YouTube and Facebook or video call like Teams, Zoom or Skype, utilising top quality streaming products and services you can rest easy knowing the video recording of the event will be of the highest visual and sound quality for everyone to enjoy.

As well as live streaming the event can also be recorded.


Video Conferencing and Live Streaming

We provide professional AV solutions for all types of events throughout Scotland. We supply all the AV you need to have a successful event, including sound, lighting, large screens and video streaming. 

We have a full range of sound systems, radio microphones, effects lighting and video packages to enhance your audio visual presentations.